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What Our Clients Say

Iain Martin

I’ve been calling Henry for the last 4 or 5 years for commercial and residential HVAC work. He’s always been very thorough and isn’t happy until he’s 100% sure he’s finished the job or found the problem. I’ve happily recommended him to multiple family members and friends and have never been concerned that they wouldn't receive anything but the best service from him. I’m not looking forward to the day he decides to retire and I have to find another HVAC technician.

Jennifer MacDonald

H2 HVAC came to us when we were in an urgent situation. We needed our furnace repaired ASAP and they were able to service our unit in less than 24 hours. Henry was prompt, professional and courteous. He was extremely knowledgeable and walked us through every step of the process. I would recommend him and his company whole-heartedly.

Betty Mills

I recently contracted H2 HVAC to come to my home and repair my furnace. We ran into a problem on one of the coldest days of the year. Henry was at our house within 12 hours.
I found Henry to be professional and very knowledgeable. Within no time he had determined the problem and gave us a couple of different options on how to solve the problem. He gave us worst case scenario and best case scenario and did his best to provide the highest level of service and the most economical options possible.
I would highly recommend H2 HVAC for all of your heating and air conditioning problems. You will not be disappointed. One of the highest levels of customer service I’ve ever experienced.

Andy Sucipto

I live in a ductless house with electrical base board heaters. I wanted to install a ductless AC and started shopping around to find the right installer. I found H2 HVAC who provided us with the best proposal with the best system and price. H2 HVAC installed a 24000 BTU Heat-Pump Fujitsu Outdoor Condensing Unit, a 12000 BTU Wall Mounting Unit, and a 12000 BTU Ducting Unit for the inside of the house. The Mounting Unit was installed for the first floor and the Ducting Unit was installed for the second floor. The duct system was installed above the ceiling to bring the forced air to all three bedrooms on the second floor, and to the kitchen on the first floor. With this system, our entire house has Central AC and a Central Force Heat Pump. Certainly the Heat Pump system is more energy efficient than base board heaters. The work was done in 2010 and it has been working very well since. We are very satisfied with the work done by H2 HVAC and I will absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs to install an HVAC system. The person I worked with at H2 HVAC was Henry.

Donna Rawdah

For more than five years I have contracted H2 HVAC Inc. for refrigeration, electrical, heating & A/C servicing. On each occasion, there has been a display of sound technical knowledge & skills resulting in satisfactory completion of the jobs. The business relationship that we have fostered can be attributed to a demonstration of sound character, good manners, trustworthiness, reliability and good communication skills. I believe that H2 HVAC is an excellent candidate to conduct business with and would be pleased to give any further clarification if needed.